The Beauty Corner: Introducing Holly!

So, I guess I should start with the basics! I’m Holly, Holly Robinson. I’m going to be running this segment on Ardent Fancy, which means all makeup related topics, are covered by me. Basically, this segment will be a whole bunch of different makeup related posts: reviews, tutorials, etc. And no, I’m not here to… Continue reading The Beauty Corner: Introducing Holly!

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Sisters who pose together, stay together

The girls and I recently ventured out to get in some pretty gorgeous shots of the changing season. Have I mentioned how much I love autumn? I'm extremely blessed that I happen to go to one of the most charming universities ever! NUI Galway has it all, the red-fiery leaves, the old stone buildings mixed… Continue reading Sisters who pose together, stay together

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Fall Fever (ahem, Autumn Blues)

We've all heard of Fresher's Flu - a national epidemic every September where thousands of students gather once again in their prospective universities and colleges. They've just spent four months stretched out to the far corners of the globe and now they're back together in one city, bringing all their germs with them. It's all… Continue reading Fall Fever (ahem, Autumn Blues)

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The Housemate Chronicles #1

This piece will be featured in the issue of SIN Newspaper in NUI Galway on Tuesday 26th Sept. Welcome my fellow students and living-out-of-towners to my Housemate Chronicles or better named ‘What you shouldn’t do while living with other people’. We all have stories, some typical and others that are very strange and not typical… Continue reading The Housemate Chronicles #1


#2 In the immortal words of T. Swift “I’m feeling 22”

"Here's to a colourful, high-flying future! Happy Birthday with love from Gran & Grandad" I started a Diary Series way back in September of last year and nothing came of it. Life got busy. Writing on a blog didn't seem priority numero uno - it was in fact way down the list, like not even… Continue reading #2 In the immortal words of T. Swift “I’m feeling 22”