Style Queens

Autumn is one of the best seasons of the year. There’s something wonderful and magical about the crisp air, the comfy sweaters and how the trees look like they’ve caught flame. The reds and burning golds look good in any situation. I love the smell of cinnamon everywhere (and in my morning coffee) and the mad rush to use up all the freshly grown apples in our back gardens.

In honour of my favourite season, I have to give credit to the great style icons who have owned those autumnal vibes. These style queens rule the roost in Autumn fashion and they’ve inspired me in every season, not just my favourite one.

Blair Waldorf

Queen of the upper east-side, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl (2007-2012) is the first in my list because of her daring ability to pull off outfits I wouldn’t even consider. Confidence is really the deciding factor between ‘chic’ and ‘train-wreck’.

Cher Horowitz

She might be clueless about love, but style is her forte. Who didn’t want a revolving, computer-automated wardrobe after seeing this film? Clueless (1995) is one of my favourite movies because it’s secretly genius. Viewers get distracted by the great outfits and they miss the beauty of a great adaptation of Austen’s Emma (1815).

Audrey Hepburn

You could’ve dressed Audrey Hepburn up in sack cloth and she would still be glamorous. One film in particular really stands out for her autumnal, preppy style and that is Funny Face (1957). Paying homage to Givenchy himself, the film is dedicated to great fashion and it’s her casual, laid-back outfits that really shine.

Spencer Hastings

Pretty Little Liars smart girl is a real-live Nancy Drew. She can pick locks, solve mysteries and do it while earning A+ grades in every subject. Troian Bellisario’s character is near to my heart and her own style is quite iconic in its own right.

Sincerely Jules

Julie Sariñana has been a favourite of mine on Instagram for maybe over a year. She’s so stylish and she makes comfy look chic. She does autumnal prep with an edge.

Her website is pretty cool so I hope you check it out;


Autumn is coming to a close soon and winter will be here. Today is the last day of October and probably the last day of warmth. I’m having a chilled morning in bed listening to some Biffy Clyro and considering whether I should watch Netflix or be productive. Sometimes you need a break.

‘Til next time!



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