#2 In the immortal words of T. Swift “I’m feeling 22”

“Here’s to a colourful, high-flying future! Happy Birthday with love from Gran & Grandad”

I started a Diary Series way back in September of last year and nothing came of it. Life got busy. Writing on a blog didn’t seem priority numero uno – it was in fact way down the list, like not even on the list. But it’s the summer and I don’t have college so I’m back for a little while.

What have I been up to?

My grandparents are pretty cool, they gave me a Harold Evans book for my birthday; Do I Make Myself Clear? Why Writing Well Matters’ because of my keen interest in writing. When they came to visit us a few weeks ago they asked me how I could sum up my past year. “Exciting!”, I said. A simple answer but I don’t know how else to call it. For me, all those life-changing events and milestones my friends have experienced once at a time, sort of fell all together on top of me in the last 12 months. No joke.

I travelled last summer for the first time as a wayfaring stranger. I got my first job and I was promoted to ‘Supervisor’ after the Christmas. I can do shabby latte hearts and pretty decent cappuccino hearts. I discovered I love D.H. Lawrence and wearing heels casually. I began my first proper relationship (yes, yes – gather round children for story time) which has been nothing but incredible and fun. I have a gym membership which is definitely not gathering dust. I bought a bike – her name is Sheila. My other grandfather passed away suddenly. I moved out and I committed myself to owning a plant which is still alive after a month.

These days though my life is pretty calm. I’m not planning for anymore exciting life events right now. I go to work, go to the gym, cook dinner and hang out with Neil (Neil my boyfriend, you know the guy I went to Asia with? The one who dominates my social media feed… we all saw that coming) before bed. And I do that everyday.

It’s good to reflect on a year and to acknowledge all the changes, big and small. We’re all a different person every six months so I’ve changed twice over. I started dying my hair strawberry blonde earlier this year and the physical difference really suits who I am at this moment. Most people couldn’t recognise me at first and really I was just as surprised as them that I went so light. No-one could’ve predicted this.

I don’t intend to make this blog all about me, this is just my re-introduction piece. There’ll be the usual recipes, fashion staples and event reviews with little diary posts every now and then. But here’s to feeling 22 and exploring adulthood!




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