Growing pains

The muscle kind.   I've only been a gym-goer for 10 months and I still feel like a real amateurย walking in every week. But I'm putting in some good work on this 6 Week Challenge and my focus is pretty set in stone for #goalz. I was walking to my gym last week and thoughts … Continue reading Growing pains


The Skin Diet 2.0

I touched base on the allusive Skin Diet nearly two years ago when I was going through a weird paleo/intermittent fasting phase and I did see some improvements. But since I started the carb nite solution, my skin has improved by leaps and bounds. Not just my acne, but the overall texture and appearance are … Continue reading The Skin Diet 2.0

Diary: Get yo Summer Bod on

The following was written a couple of weeks ago along with some current info added in; The topic of fitness and gym-going is one I very rarely discuss with anyone, besides Neil of course. Most people would probably never think I care about my physical health too much because I don't go for morning runs … Continue reading Diary: Get yo Summer Bod on

The Fancy Kitchen: Lamb Leg Roast

I enjoy cooking a hearty roast dinner at home for myself and Neil. We have big appetites and we're on a student income so every meal we cook is given the value for money vs value of nutrition test. Right now Aldi has round beef roasts and half-legs of lamb on special offer for โ‚ฌ9 … Continue reading The Fancy Kitchen: Lamb Leg Roast

Fall Fever (ahem, Autumn Blues)

We've all heard of Fresher's Flu - a national epidemic every September where thousands of students gather once again in their prospective universities and colleges. They've just spent four months stretched out to the far corners of the globe and now they're back together in one city, bringing all their germs with them. It's all … Continue reading Fall Fever (ahem, Autumn Blues)

Carb back-loading… What?

In previous posts I mentioned my Skin Diet and how I don't eat certain foods anymore because of my teenage acne. Bread, pasta and dairy were high on that list. Well I think it's time I gave you all an update on my eating habits. You see, I'm developing an actual defined abdominal area. Yes, … Continue reading Carb back-loading… What?

Day 4 – Paleo Brownie Recipe

During my morning gawk through emails and notifications, I found some exceptional photos of pastries and delectable treats. My sweet tooth cried out in remorse. Why have I cut these foods out of my life?? Thankfully there are plenty of alternatives available to someone like me who lives with a paleo-bulletproof sort of diet. Here's … Continue reading Day 4 – Paleo Brownie Recipe