SS18 Trends I’m Loving

My wardrobe situation at the moment is ... interesting. I've gone back on my minimalism binge from two years ago. I went through the Style section on ardent fancy and a few old articles caught my attention; Minimise your Wardrobe and the 10 Item Wardrobe. What a throwback! It's too bad I haven't taken my … Continue reading SS18 Trends I’m Loving


Sisters who pose together, stay together

The girls and I recently ventured out to get in some pretty gorgeous shots of the changing season. Have I mentioned how much I love autumn? I'm extremely blessed that I happen to go to one of the most charming universities ever! NUI Galway has it all, the red-fiery leaves, the old stone buildings mixed … Continue reading Sisters who pose together, stay together

Autumn Collection

Autumn will soon be upon us and I'll be back in university in no time. With the departing of summer, I've said goodbye to quite a lot of clothes - either in storage or in a charity bag. I've been on the hunt for certain items and products to take me comfortably and fashionably through … Continue reading Autumn Collection

Travel Light

There's nothing more cumbersome than taking a suitcase worth of clothes on a weekend trip. We never wear half of the things we bring. It's strange how once we know we won't be at home, we suddenly believe we'll need all the things we never use. I'm heading off to Liverpool city for a few … Continue reading Travel Light

Minimise your Wardrobe in 3 Steps

Think of this guide as your Less Stress, More Success to de-cluttering your wardrobe. The purpose of minimising your clothes is to take the stress out of finding something to wear, and finding more success with your outfit choices. Yes, yes I know, I'm hilarious.  Step One: Ask yourself a very important question and separate your … Continue reading Minimise your Wardrobe in 3 Steps

The 10 Item Wardrobe

Even though it's supposedly Springtime in Ireland....yeah, I know feels a lot more like Sweater Weather. Fighting the wind and rain doesn't leave many outfit options available. My primary concern is staying comfortable in spite of the outdoors. But I love clothes and fashion and cultivating a style! I love my look. The problem being … Continue reading The 10 Item Wardrobe