The Housemate Chronicles #1

This piece will be featured in the issue of SIN Newspaper in NUI Galway on Tuesday 26th Sept. Welcome my fellow students and living-out-of-towners to my Housemate Chronicles or better named โ€˜What you shouldnโ€™t do while living with other peopleโ€™. We all have stories, some typical and others that are very strange and not typical … Continue reading The Housemate Chronicles #1


Changing with the Seasons

I am embarking on the final stretch of a journey this academic year and since last week. It's my final year in college and it just dawned on me that the next ten weeks plus whatever comes in second semester are my last moments as a young adult with little to no reponsibility. Alarm bells … Continue reading Changing with the Seasons

#2 In the immortal words of T. Swift “I’m feeling 22”

"Here's to a colourful, high-flying future! Happy Birthday with love from Gran & Grandad" I started a Diary Series way back in September of last year and nothing came of it. Life got busy. Writing on a blog didn't seem priority numero uno - it was in fact way down the list, like not even … Continue reading #2 In the immortal words of T. Swift “I’m feeling 22”

Autumn Collection

Autumn will soon be upon us and I'll be back in university in no time. With the departing of summer, I've said goodbye to quite a lot of clothes - either in storage or in a charity bag. I've been on the hunt for certain items and products to take me comfortably and fashionably through … Continue reading Autumn Collection