Big Appetites and Small Plates

Before leaving Ireland everyone raved to us about Thai food being the best food in the world. I've had a Green Curry once or twice but other than that I was clueless. So an entire month in Thailand, trying to eat was... Not what we were used to. Equally in other countries, where we knew even less, the food has been surprisingly excellent.


The Long Road to Nepal 

A hectic week of travelling, from a motorbike accident to finally landing in Kathmandu...


We were sitting on the beach in Thong Krut yesterday, reading, when a coconut fell from one of the trees behind us. Well hello free coconut! Just one problem... It was big and green and we hadn't a clue how to open it. I'm pretty sure there's a special way of peeling the husk off … Continue reading Coconutty

Kindness in Ko Samui

It's officially been a week since we left Ireland and it already feels like longer. All of the travel blogs and websites didn't prepare me for the reality of Thailand. I knew it would be hot. I just didn't expect it to feel like this. Ko Samui was instantly cooler than Bangkok, as soon as … Continue reading Kindness in Ko Samui

Hiding from Bangkok

At llast we're on Ko Samui, an island in the south of Thailand. It's absolutely beautiful here, the beach is right outside our door and there's a great bar next to us. Before arriving on this Paradise Island however, we experienced Bangkok city in all its glory. Bangkok is enormous! It's kind of this crazy … Continue reading Hiding from Bangkok