Spring Cleaning Part 2: The Body

A lot of advice out there on detoxing and maintaining health is very focused on food and healthy eating. But seeing as I'm very happy with my diet, I've had to make a lot of lifestyle changes this month. A non-food related detox can be the best way to address any underlying issues you may have. … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Part 2: The Body


Autumn Collection

Autumn will soon be upon us and I'll be back in university in no time. With the departing of summer, I've said goodbye to quite a lot of clothes - either in storage or in a charity bag. I've been on the hunt for certain items and products to take me comfortably and fashionably through … Continue reading Autumn Collection


We were sitting on the beach in Thong Krut yesterday, reading, when a coconut fell from one of the trees behind us. Well hello free coconut! Just one problem... It was big and green and we hadn't a clue how to open it. I'm pretty sure there's a special way of peeling the husk off … Continue reading Coconutty

Hiding from Bangkok

At llast we're on Ko Samui, an island in the south of Thailand. It's absolutely beautiful here, the beach is right outside our door and there's a great bar next to us. Before arriving on this Paradise Island however, we experienced Bangkok city in all its glory. Bangkok is enormous! It's kind of this crazy … Continue reading Hiding from Bangkok

Carb back-loading… What?

In previous posts I mentioned my Skin Diet and how I don't eat certain foods anymore because of my teenage acne. Bread, pasta and dairy were high on that list. Well I think it's time I gave you all an update on my eating habits. You see, I'm developing an actual defined abdominal area. Yes, … Continue reading Carb back-loading… What?

The Last Day

If anyone's noticed - and they probably haven't - I never wrote a post yesterday!! Thereby I breached the terms of my writing challenge! It wasn't deliberate on my part, I just got very distracted enjoying life. So I don't think it would be right to continue on - I could view this as a … Continue reading The Last Day

Day 15 – Face

What an age we live in that I can write up a blog post on my phone? But never mind that for now.... Because today's post is an official Face instalment! For those who don't know what that means; a while ago I undertook a No Make up challenge for 30 days! For a while … Continue reading Day 15 – Face

Day 14 – Weekly Round-up 2

My second week of the writing challenge has certainly presented itself as more of, eh... a challenge. I think every one of my posts were written from 8pm onwards - largely contrasting with the week before when I'd publish at noon every day. I'd shuffle in the front door, settle down with my laptop...maybe a … Continue reading Day 14 – Weekly Round-up 2