Day 15 – Face

What an age we live in that I can write up a blog post on my phone? But never mind that for now.... Because today's post is an official Face instalment! For those who don't know what that means; a while ago I undertook a No Make up challenge for 30 days! For a while … Continue reading Day 15 – Face


Face-up or face-out

Week 4: Almost, almost near the finish line. I admit I don't want to be done with this challenge. Should I extend it to a year??? At the same time though, I miss the 'ole concealer, so maybe not.  This won't be the end to my Skin Diet info-bites so don't worry. I still have … Continue reading Face-up or face-out

I climbed Mt. Zit and all I got was this t-shirt

Week 3!!! I almost can't believe it, in nine days I can wear concealer again! Now that's it's coming to an end, I almost don't want to start wearing make up. I reason with myself that just because the 30 days will be up, it doesn't mean I need to cover up. But then I … Continue reading I climbed Mt. Zit and all I got was this t-shirt

Who is the Fairest One of All?

Week Two: I'm finally used to seeing my imperfections every time I look in the mirror. Isn't it strange how well hidden most of our flaws are? Everyone has a pretty face but it takes time to find out how pretty their hearts are. A friend complimented my complexion on Friday - there has been … Continue reading Who is the Fairest One of All?

One-Faced and flushed up

Week One: I couldn't possibly describe how much I've longed for a bit of concealer this week. Even on my previous no-make up days, I always covered up those dark circles. Three people have told me I look sick and unwell this week. THREE PEOPLE. Albeit I wasn't feeling well at those times but a … Continue reading One-Faced and flushed up

Where have you put your face, my dear?

'Putting on your face' is 10 minutes of every morning where I try look half human. For some people it's prioritising the lips, or the eyebrows or concealing those 'errors'. I was getting ready this morning and I was wondering what to do with my face today; should I opt for moisturiser or do I … Continue reading Where have you put your face, my dear?