The Last Day

If anyone's noticed - and they probably haven't - I never wrote a post yesterday!! Thereby I breached the terms of my writing challenge! It wasn't deliberate on my part, I just got very distracted enjoying life. So I don't think it would be right to continue on - I could view this as a … Continue reading The Last Day


Day 15 – Face

What an age we live in that I can write up a blog post on my phone? But never mind that for now.... Because today's post is an official Face instalment! For those who don't know what that means; a while ago I undertook a No Make up challenge for 30 days! For a while … Continue reading Day 15 – Face

Day 14 – Weekly Round-up 2

My second week of the writing challenge has certainly presented itself as more of, eh... a challenge. I think every one of my posts were written from 8pm onwards - largely contrasting with the week before when I'd publish at noon every day. I'd shuffle in the front door, settle down with my laptop...maybe a … Continue reading Day 14 – Weekly Round-up 2

Day 13 – Mothers

Mothers are absolutely wonderful! For many girls, your mother is the first friend you make in this world. They love you unconditionally. Time and time again you've messed up, disappointed them or done stupid things but your mom doesn't hold onto any of that. Even in your worst moments, your mom supports and cares for … Continue reading Day 13 – Mothers

Day 12 -Second Year Highlights

This was my last official week of college for the semester, if you can believe it! I can't tell if last September feels like just yesterday or a billion years ago. It's a strange place to be in. Anyway, I decided to do a small recap of my favourite moments from over the year. Second … Continue reading Day 12 -Second Year Highlights

Day 11 – I’ve learned that…

Some things take years to figure out, but other life lessons are sorted out with one embarrassing moment and then you're ready to go! In 2 months I will be 21 and it's a strangely daunting fact. I can't hide behind adolescence any longer... It seems a trivial thing really but it gets to me … Continue reading Day 11 – I’ve learned that…

Day 10 – Friendship

It's the last official week of college until September and I still haven't fully grasped the situation. In a week or two, after exams, I won't be hopping on a bus every morning and flitting to & from lectures. I won't be able to just text my friend for a coffee because every single friend … Continue reading Day 10 – Friendship

Day 9 – Only Dull People are Brilliant at Breakfast

- Oscar Wilde While I was in Liverpool, perusing bookshops, I found a little bookshelf with the latest editions of Penguin LITTLE BLACK Classics. They're remarkable little books. I picked up a collection of Oscar Wilde quotes and when Neil saw the title, he bought one too. They were only £1 so why not? "Work … Continue reading Day 9 – Only Dull People are Brilliant at Breakfast

Day 8? A little bit late

I nearly forgot about writing today. Monday is the day of the week when I sort out my life and start compiling a to-do list. It's the loneliest, quietest and longest day of every week. But today was all turned around and nothing like a Monday! I didn't do anything I normally would - usually I … Continue reading Day 8? A little bit late

Day 7 – Weekly Round-up

Well hello there day seven, I've managed to post an article every day this week for my new challenge! How wonderful! To be honest, I'm probably driving my friends crazy. Especially Neil, because I've been linking most of my posts to him. Well today has been a great day (for no big reason whatsoever) and … Continue reading Day 7 – Weekly Round-up